Hassan (Enemy)

Japanese Name: 基底のザイード / 迅速のマクール / 怪腕のゴズール
Class(es): Assassinicon Attribute: Man
Rank : Bronze / Silver / Gold Gender : Male
Traits: Humanoid, Male, Servant
Area(s) : Fate/Accel Zero Order Event,
E Pluribus Unum,
Death Rate :  ??%
Critical Chance :  ??%
Actions/Turn : 3
Drops : Voids refuse

Hassans are enemies from the Fate/Accel Zero Order Event. In Fate/Zero, there are 100 variety of Hassans under one Servant - Hundred-Faced Hassan. Each one of them has a different personality and the power of each Hassan is equivalent to (1/100 of the Original Hassan). Each one of them are part of the Noble Phantasm - Delusional Illusion.

In Fate/Accel Zero Order Event, they come in 3 different variety as enemies.

  • Class-Assassin-Bronze Zayd the Base (基底のザイード, ?)
  • Class-Assassin-Silver Makuru the Quick (迅速のマクール, ?)
  • Assassinicon Remarkable Gozuru (怪腕のゴズール, ?)