The Gift Box, also known as the Present Box, is a holding area for cards and items. It is the bow-wrapped orange box found on any stage select screen to the right of the Master experience bar and AP bar. The gift box is not for players use, but rather for the game itself to be able to give the player items regardless of whatever card limits currently exist.

The gift box can hold up to 300 gifts. If the box is full and the player receives more gifts, the oldest gifts will be deleted to make room for the new ones. On the stage select screen, if there are any gifts in the box, there will be a small number on the box denoting the total number of gifts.

On the right side of the gift box, there is a green まとめて受け取る button and a blue カード以外受け取る button. The green button will attempt to receive all gifts, while the blue button attempts to receive all non-card gifts. When either action is attempted, the game will only receive 20 gifts at a time, starting from the oldest gifts. Any gifts that cannot be received due to card limits will remain in the gift box.

Underneath the "Receive All" buttons, there is a small chart summarizing the current player account status. This status informs the following:

  • Number of Servants owned / Maximum Servant capacity
  • Number of Craft Essences owned / Maximum Craft Essence capacity
  • Number of Saintquartz owned
  • Number of Mana prisms owned
  • Amount of QP owned

The gift box is populated with gifts in the following instances:

  • The player logs in for the first time that day and the game awards Login Rewards.
  • The game administration gives celebratory items.
  • The game administration distributes server maintenance/downtime compensation.
  • The player purchases cards using Mana Prisms.
  • The player purchases cards from an event shop.
  • The player redeems a serial code for a promotional card.