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Japanese Icon Obtained by
ゴーストランタン Ghost lantern Ghost / Terror Ghost / Ancient Ghost / Scarecrow
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Rome - Boiling-Hot Lands [7] [9AP]
Okeanos - The Wandering Ghost Ship [8] [15AP]
Camelot - Angel of Death Announcer [8] [19AP]
Babylonia - The Entrance to The Netherworld [7] [21AP]
Killing Training Field Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Expert [?] [10/20/30/40AP]
Gillesicon49 Neroicon12 Brideicon55 Ryougisabericon72 Tristanicon60 Teslaicon82 Brynicon12 Edwardicon51 Ushiwaicon11 Anneicon44 Drakeicon72 Shakespeareicon28 Medeaicon48 Gilles2icon36 Mephisicon56 Babbageicon48 Elizhallowicon36 Medealilyicon44 Rhymeicon44 Helenaicon44 Gilcastericon60 Tamamocastericon53 Matahariicon6 Hassanicon36 Phantomicon28 Jingkeicon11 ShutenIcon15 Kinghassanicon72 ShinjukuAssassinIcon44 Caligulaicon8 Kiyohimeicon36 Tamamoicon42 Frankicon12 Angraicon12 HessianLoboIcon38

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