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Duration: March 27, 2016 19:00 - April 6, 2016 13:59 (JST)

  • Collaboration Quests for this event will appear in Chaldea Gate.
    • Event Craft Essences will be awarded for finishing the quests

Event Craft EssencesEdit

Announcements Edit

Note : They came along with the event.

  • Order 5 - E Pluribus Unum will be released on 30th of March, 2016.
    • Maintenance will start on March 30, 2016 13:59 JST (Right After the Arjuna + Karna Gacha ends)
  • Information on TYPE-MOON ACE special events will be announced on 15th of April, 2016.
  • The 2nd Official NICONICO Stream for Fate/Grand Order will be held on April 20, 2016.

Heaven's Feel Quest Edit

AJ 2016 Heaven's Feel コラボクエスト Heavensfeelnode AP Cost Bond Points QP EXP
AJ 2016 Heaven's Feel Collab Quest 5 115 1,400 (280 per AP) 275 (55 per AP)
Arrow 1 Enemies
Battle 1/4 Fionn
Lvl 8 Lancericon 5,260 HP
Lvl 4 Archericon 5,124 HP
Battle 2/4 Carmilla
Lvl 11 Assassinicon 4,176 HP
Lvl 12 Castericon 6,212 HP
Battle 3/4 Siegfried
Lvl 10 Sabericon 8,190 HP
Lvl 12 Ridericon 7,520 HP
Lvl 10 Berserkericon 7,410 HP
Fatal Battle 4/4 Medusa
Lvl 20 Ridericon 18,115 HP
Notable Drops Saber piece Archer piece Lancer piece Rider piece Caster piece Assassin piece Berserker piece Rider monument
Completion Reward Heavensfeel2icon

Last Encore Quest Edit

AJ 2016 EXTRA コラボクエスト LastEncoreNode AP Cost Bond Points QP EXP
AJ 2016 EXTRA Collab Quest 5 115 1,400 (280 per AP) 275 (55 per AP)
Arrow 1 Enemies
Battle 1/2 Darius III
Lvl 9 Berserkericon 7,209 HP
Lvl 11 Berserkericon 6,279 HP
Fatal Battle 2/2 David
Lvl 10 Archericon 6,792 HP
Tamamo Cat*
Lvl 11 Castericon 11,070 HP
Lvl 15 Ridericon 6,484 HP
Notable Drops Archer piece Rider piece Berserker piecex2 Caster monument
Completion Reward Lastencoreicon

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