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Release Date : March 29, 2017

Cost :

  • Blu-ray Complete Edition : 8,424 YEN (7,800 YEN if without tax)
  • DVD Complete Edition : 7,344 YEN (6,800 YEN if without tax)

Complete Edition Includes :

  • Original Story Disc (The Anime)
  • Fate/Grand Order ~First Order~ Recordings
  • A Jacket that has Takeuchi Takashi's Illustration
  • Original Soundtrack (by : Kawazaki Ryuu)
  • Compilation of the recordings of 31 Original Musics
  • Special Booklet
  • Bonus Footage (Original Resolution Version of every TVCM and PV for Fate/Grand Order from Okeanos to Babylonia.)

アニメスペシャル「Fate Grand Order -First Order-」発売告知CM00:31

アニメスペシャル「Fate Grand Order -First Order-」発売告知CM

F/GO ~First Order~ BD + DVD TVCM


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