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Fate Extella

Broadcast Time : November 2, 2016 19:00 ~ 21:00 JST (Subject to Change)

Broadcast Title : Fate/Grand Order Chaldean Broadcaster SP ”EXTELLA” Special Commemoration Programme

Link :

Link to Fate/EXTELLA Official Page :

Link to Fate/Grand Order - First Order :

Link to Nero's Recital Milestone Campaign :

  • Milestone :
    • 5,000 Customers - Qp2M ~ Qp12M
    • 10,000 Customers - Golden fruit4
    • 15,000 Customers - Summon ticket
    • 20,000 Customers - MAX Saintquartz12


EXTELLA Stream Casts

Schedule :
(Subject to Change)

  • 19:00 ~ JST
    • Showcasing all the Videos of Fate/EXTELLA (Trailer, OP, PV and Playthroughs)
    • Showcasing all the Noble Phantasm of every Servant in F/GO up to Halloween 2016 Event Debut Servants.
  • 19:30 ~ JST
    • Fate/EXTELLA Pre-release Information
    • Latest F/GO News
    • Others

Summary :

FGO Long TV Anime Special Edit

First Order Poster Image
  • More Information will be revealed on Chaldea Broadcaster Vol. 4
  • Animation Studio : Lay-duce

Fate/Grand Order Chaldean Broadcaster Vol. 4 Edit

  • Date : December 6, 2016 JST

More details To Be Announced. Information to be changed.

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