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Note : The MAXIMUM number of Non-Currency Event Tokens (eg : Tentacle Assassinmask Magicorefragments Gilgameshcup ) is 20 each.

Mission ListEdit

Mission Reward To Unlock
1. Clear "Residential District".Golden fruit1Clear main quest: "ACT-1 「冬木を知る男」"
2. Clear "BRIDGE BATTLE Rank D".Saintquartz1
Unlocks ACT-2
3. Clear "ACT-2 「 武力介入」".Summon ticket1Unlock ACT-2
4. Clear "魔巣食う泌 Rank C".Qp1,000,000Unlock 魔巣食う泌 Rank C
5. Clear ACT-7Summon ticket1Clear Mission 33
6. Clear ACT-8Saintquartz1Clear Mission 55
7. Clear ACT-10Summon ticket1Clear Mission 29
8. Clear ACT-13Summon ticket1Clear Mission 39.
9. Clear ACT-14TentacleClear Mission 20.
10. Clear ACT-15Summon ticket1Clear Mission 97.
11. Clear ACT-18Holy grail Holy Grail1Clear Mission 40.
12. Complete Mission 11Summon ticket1
Unlocks ACT-EX
13. Clear ACT-EXGolden fruit2
14. Defeat Fire IrisvielSaintquartz1Clear Mission 13.
15. Defeat Water IrisvielSaintquartz1Clear Mission 13.
16. Defeat Wind IrisvielSaintquartz1Clear Mission 13.
17. Defeat Earth IrisvielSaintquartz1Clear Mission 13.
18. Defeat 5 Hassan (Enemy).Voids refuse5
Unlocks "BRIDGE BATTLE Rank D"
19. Defeat 50 Hassan (Enemy).Voids refuse10Clear mission 18
20. Defeat 100 Hassan (Enemy).Meteoric horseshoe5
Unlocks ACT-14
Clear mission 8.
21. Defeat 20 Strange Arm Gozuru.Magicorefragments
22. Defeat 20 Winged Bladed Insect.Burrowingwormsicon5
23. Defeat 70 Winged Bladed Insect.Burrowingwormsicon5
Unlocks ACT-12
Clear ACT-11.

Clear Free quest "Exhausted Knowledge - Rank C".

24. Defeat 100 Winged Bladed Insect.Burrowingwormsicon5Clear Mission 23
25. Defeat 20 Winged Bladed Swarm.Assassinmask
26. Defeat 30 Spellbook-type enemies.Heros proof10
Unlocks ACT-4
Clear Mission 80.
27. Defeat 100 Spellbook-type enemies.Heros proof10Clear mission 26
28. Defeat 15 Grimoire (Enemy).Tentacle
29. Defeat 30 Automata.Dragon fang10
Unlocks ACT-10
30. Defeat 100 Automata.Dragon fang10
31. Defeat 15 Old Gear.Gilgameshcup
32. Defeat 30 Sea Demon-type enemies.Unlucky bone10
33. Defeat 50 Sea Demon-type enemies.Unlucky bone10
Unlocks ACT-7
Clear Mission 32
34. Defeat 100 Sea Demon-type enemies.Phoenix plume5
35. Defeat 15 Gluttonous Demon.Tentacle
36. Defeat 20 Golem.Qp3000000
Unlocks ACT-9
Clear Mission 6.
37. Defeat 100 Golem.Qp7000000Clear Mission 36.
38. Defeat 15 Crystal Golem.Octuplet twin crystals5
39. Defeat 30 Homunculus.Yggdrasil seed10
Unlocks ACT-13
Unlock Garden of Dancing Lives - Rank C
40. Defeat 100 Homunculus.Yggdrasil seed10
Unlocks ACT-18
Clear ACT-17.
41. Defeat 15 Proto Homunculus.Gilgameshcup
42. Defeat 5 Shadow Servant.Snake jewel5Clear Mission 97.
43. Defeat 10 Shadow Servant.AssassinmaskClear Mission 42.
44. Defeat 15 Shadow Servant.Snake jewelClear Mission 43.
45. Clear 10 quests in Fuyuki Church (冬木教会). Mana prism500
46. Clear 10 Quests in Tohsaka ResidenceMagicorefragments
47. Clear 10 Quests in in Old Samurai Residences.Tentacle
48. Clear 10 Quests in Homurahara Academy.Qp3000000
49. Clear 10 [Rank D] quests.Unlucky bone10
50. Clear 10 [Rank C] quests.Yggdrasil seed10
Unlocks ACT-5
51. Clear 10 [Rank B] quests.Octuplet twin crystals5
Unlocks ACT-16
Clear ACT-15.
52. Clear 10 [Rank A] quests.Phoenix plume5Clear Mission 10.
53. Clear 10 [Rank EX] quests.Spiritroot3
54. Clear 5 different types of [Rank D] quests.Assassinmask
55. Clear 5 different types of [Rank C] quests.Tentacle2
Unlocks ACT-8
56. Clear 5 different types of [Rank B] quests.FinalDestinationIcon
57. Clear 5 different types of [Rank A] quests.Meteoric horseshoe5
58. Clear 5 different types of [Rank EX] quests.Gilgameshcup
59. Clear all [Rank C] quests.Mana prism200
60. Clear all [Rank B] quests.Phoenix plume5
Unlocks ACT-17
Clear ACT-16
61. Clear all [Rank A] quests.Heart of a foreign god5
62. Clear all quests in Residential District.Talon of chaos5
63. Clear all quests in Fuyuki Bridge.Bloodtear5
64. Clear all quests in Wharf.Horsehorn5
65. Clear all quests in New Urban.Secretassassin5
66. Clear all quests in Fuyuki Church.Blacktallow5
67. Clear all quests in Reservoir.Secretberserker5
68. Clear all quests in Tohsaka Residence.Secretrider5
69. Clear all quests in Old Samurai Residences.Secretarcher5
70. Clear all quests in Homurahara Academy.Spiritroot2
71. Clear all quests in Einzbern Castle.Secretlancer5
72. Clear all quests in Large Cavity.Talon of chaos5
73. Clear all quests.Crystallized lore
74. Collect 100 Sword Coin.Shiningsaber5
75. Collect 300 Sword Coin.Magicsaber5Clear Mission 74.
76. Collect 100 Bow Coin.Shiningarcher5
77. Collect 300 Bow Coin.Magicarcher5Clear Mission 76.
78. Collect 100 Lance Coin.Shininglancer5
79. Collect 300 Lance Coin.Magiclancer5Clear Mission 78.
80. Collect 50 Cavalry Coin.Shiningrider5
Unlocks ACT-3
81. Collect 300 Cavalry Coin.Magicrider5Clear mission 80.
82. Collect 100 Spell Coin.Shiningcaster5
83. Collect 300 Spell Coin.Magiccaster5Clear Mission 82.
84. Collect 100 Killing Coin.Shiningassassin5
85. Collect 300 Killing Coin.Magicassassin5Clear Mission 84.
86. Collect 100 Madness Coin.Shiningberserker5
87. Collect 300 Madness Coin.Magicberserker5Clear Mission 86.
88. Collect 500 of any Insignias.Gilgameshcup
89. Collect 1000 of any Insignias.Qp5,000,000Clear Mission 89.
90. Collect 1500 of any Insignias.AssassinmaskClear Mission 89.
91. Collect 2000 of any Insignias.Magicorefragments2Clear Mission 90.
92. Ascend Irisviel (Dress of Heaven) once.SecretcasterClear ACT-18.
93. Ascend Irisviel (Dress of Heaven) a second time.SecretsaberClear Mission 92.
94. Reach Bond Level 3 for Irisviel (Dress of Heaven)AssassinmaskClear ACT-18.
95. Clear 10 Missions.Qp5,000,000Clear ACT-1
96. Clear 30 Missions.Gilgameshcup2
Unlocks ACT-11
Clear Mission 7.
97. Clear 50 Missions.Heart of a foreign god8
Unlocks ACT-15
Clear Mission 9.
98. Clear 70 Missions.MagicorefragmentsClear Mission 97.
99. Clear 90 Missions.Mana prismClear Mission 98.
100. Clear all missions (except this one).Crystallized lore
Unlock Wind of Death, King of Persia Final Event Quest.

Event Farming Guide Edit

Note : This is for the BEST possible farming location based on the number of enemies and to maximize the speed of farming, single-class quests are better than multi-class quests. For more information on the quests, refer here.

Token Location Unlock Requirements
Sword Coin 新都 - New Urban (Rank A) Tentacle13 and Completion of ACT-4
Bow Coin 貯水槽 - Reservoir (Rank B) Tentacle11 and Completion of ACT-7
Lance Coin アインツベルン城 - Einzbern Castle (Rank A) Magicorefragments12 and Completion of ACT-12
Cavalry Coin 武家屋敷 - Old Samurai Residences (Rank A) Gilgameshcup16 and Completion of ACT-11
Spell Coin 穂群原学園 - Homurahara Academy (Rank A) Gilgameshcup15 and Completion of Be Elegant - Rank D
Killing Coin 住宅街 - Residential District (Rank A or EX) Assassinmask14 or Completion of ACT-18 (For EX)
Madness Coin 遠坂邸 - Tohsaka Residence (Rank A) Magicorefragments13 and Completion of ACT-11

Note : This is for the farming locations with similar number of enemies. For more information on the quests, refer here.

Enemy Location Unlock Requirements

Zayd the Base
住宅街 - Residential District (Rank EX)

住宅街 - Residential District (Rank C)

Clear ACT-18



Makuru the Quick
住宅街 - Residential District (Rank A)

住宅街 - Residential District (Rank EX)

Obtain 14 Assassin's Mask to unlock.

Clear ACT-18


Strange Arm Gozuru
住宅街 - Residential District (Rank EX)

住宅街 - Residential District (Rank A)

Clear ACT-18

Obtain 14 Assassin's Mask to unlock.

Winged Bladed Insect

Winged Bladed Insect
武家屋敷 - Old Samurai Residences (Rank A) Gilgameshcup16 and Completion of ACT-11
Winged Bladed Swarm

Winged Bladed Swarm
武家屋敷 - Old Samurai Residences (Rank A) Gilgameshcup16 and Completion of ACT-11

穂群原学園 - Homurahara Academy (Rank A) Gilgameshcup15 and Completion of Be Elegant - Rank D

穂群原学園 - Homurahara Academy (Rank EX) Clear ACT-18

新都 - New Urban (Rank A) Tentacle13 and Completion of ACT-4

Killing Doll
新都 - New Urban (Rank EX) Clear ACT-18
Old Gear 新都 - New Urban (Rank EX)
冬木教会 - Fuyuki Church (Rank EX)
Sea Demon

Sea Demon
貯水槽 - Reservoir (Rank B, A or EX) Tentacle11
and Completion of ACT-7 or ACT-18
Sea Demon

Gluttonous Demon
貯水槽 - Reservoir (Rank EX) Clear ACT-18

遠坂邸 - Tohsaka Residence (Rank A) Magicorefragments13 and Completion of ACT-11
Platinum Golem

Crystal Golem
遠坂邸 - Tohsaka Residence (Rank EX) Clear ACT-18

アインツベルン城 - Einzbern Castle (Rank A) Magicorefragments12 and Completion of ACT-12
Proto Homunculus

Proto Homunculus
アインツベルン城 - Einzbern Castle (Rank EX) Clear ACT-18

Shadow Servant
住宅街 - Residential District (Rank EX)
冬木大橋 - Fuyuki Bridge (Rank EX)
埠頭 - Wharf (Rank EX)
新都 - New Urban (Rank EX)
貯水槽 - Reservoir (Rank A)
冬木教会 - Fuyuki Church (Rank EX)
武家屋敷 - Old Samurai Residences (Rank EX)
遠坂邸 - Tohsaka Residence (Rank EX)
アインツベルン城 - Einzbern Castle (Rank EX)
大空洞 - Large Cavity (Rank A)
Clear ACT-18
Tentacle15 and Completion of ACT-7
Clear ACT-15

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