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  • This is the list of Servants with the specific drop bonuses.
Wood Material = Wood Stone Material = Stone Iron Material = Iron Leaf Boat = Water Food Ingredients = Food

Servant Drop Bonuses Edit

Class Servant
Sabericon Gawainicon Ramaicon
Archericon Arash Tristanicon
Lancericon Cuicon Cuprotoicon Diarmuidicon Hectoricon Shuwenicon Mashibouicon Romulusicon KiyohimeLancericon
Ridericon Santaaltericon Medusaicon Kintokiridericon Ushiwaicon
Castericon Geronimoicon Gilles2icon Mephisicon
Assassinicon Sansonicon
Berserkericon Beowulficon CuAltericon Ibarakiicon Kiyohimeicon Sakataicon Yorimitsuicon

Class Servant
Sabericon Bedivereicon Fergusicon Neroicon Lancelot Saber icon Brideicon Caesaricon
Archericon Davidicon Euryale Gilicon Orionicon Kogilicon
Lancericon Leonidasicon Karnaicon
Ridericon Iskandaricon Marieicon Ozymandiasicon Georgeicon
Castericon Medeaicon Nitocrisicon MarieCastericon
Assassinicon Hassanicon Phantomicon Sthenoicon
Berserkericon Caligulaicon Dariusicon Lubuicon Hydeicon Heraclesicon

Class Servant
Sabericon Attilaicon Mordredicon Siegicon
Archericon Arjunaicon Emiyaicon Odaicon Anne&amp;MaryArchericon Teslaicon
Lancericon Alterlancericon Brynicon Arturia lancer icon
Ridericon Anneicon Edwardicon Medbicon MordredRidericon
Castericon Babbageicon Edisonicon Davinciicon Paracelsusicon
Assassinicon Heroinexicon
Berserkericon Ericicon Frankicon Lanceloticon Spartacusicon Vladicon
Rulericon Amakusaicon
Avengericon Angraicon Edmondicon

Class Servant
Sabericon Lilyicon Deon Okitaicon Ryougisabericon
Archericon Atalantaicon Billyicon
Lancericon Fionnicon
Ridericon Boudicaicon Marthaicon
Castericon Hansicon Medealilyicon Mozarticon Wavericon
Assassinicon Emiyaassassinicon Hassan of Serenity icon Hassanhundredicon Jackicon Matahariicon Ryougiassassinicon ShutenIcon
Berserkericon Nightingaleicon
Rulericon Jeanneicon MarthaRulericon
Avengericon Jeannealtericon
Shieldericon Mashuicon

Class Servant
Sabericon Sabericon2 Altericon Gillesicon
Archericon Robinicon Toudaicon ArtoriaArchericon
Lancericon Elizaicon Scathachicon TamamoLancericon
Ridericon Alexandericon Astolfoicon Drakeicon
Castericon Cucastericon Elizhallowicon Helenaicon Irisvielicon Rhymeicon Tamamocastericon Shakespeareicon Xuanzangicon
Assassinicon ScathachAssassiniconCarmillaicon Kotarouicon Jingkeicon Sasakiicon
Berserkericon Asteriosicon Tamamoicon

Farming Guide Edit

  • Guide that applies for after Chapter 3.
Item Quest Recommended Servants
Wood Material Jungle - Thunder Difficulty
Jungle - Storm Difficulty (After Chapter 8)
CuprotoiconMVP - ST Hectoricon Shuwenicon KiyohimeLancericon
Tristanicon Arash
YorimitsuiconMVP - AoE CuAltericon Santaaltericon Sakataicon
Stone Material Grassfield - Thunder Difficulty
Grassfield - Storm Difficulty (After Chapter 8)
BrideiconMVP Neroicon Bedivereicon Lancelot Saber icon
Sthenoicon Hassanicon Jekyllicon
Heraclesicon Gilicon Kogilicon Davidicon Orionicon
Iron Material Cavern - Thunder Difficulty
Cavern - Storm Difficulty (After Chapter 8)
BryniconMVP Alterlancericon Arturia lancer icon
Anne&amp;MaryArchericon Teslaicon Arjunaicon Emiyaicon Vladicon
Leaf Boat Beach - Thunder Difficulty
Beach - Storm Difficulty (After Chapter 8)
Atalantaicon Billyicon
Jeanneicon Jeannealtericon MashuIconSR Nightingaleicon ShutenIcon Jackicon Waverstage3icon
Food Ingredients Beach - Thunder Difficulty ArtoriaArchericon Robinicon Toudaicon
Sabericon2 Tamamocastericon Helenaicon Irisvielicon
  • After Chapter 5
Item Quest Recommended Servants
Food Ingredients Primeval Forest - Thunder Difficulty
Primeval Forest - Storm Difficulty (After Chapter 8)
XuanzangiconMVP Tamamocastericon Helenaicon Irisvielicon Elizhallowicon Rhymeicon Cucastericon Tamamoicon


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