Broadcast Title : Fate/Grand Order Chaldean Broadcaster Vol.6 The Woman of Agartha Pre-Release Special
Broadcast Date : June 28, 2017 20:00 ~ JST

Link to NICONICO Livestream :
Link to Youtube Livestream :

Fate Grand Order カルデア放送局Vol

Fate Grand Order カルデア放送局Vol.6 アガルタの女 配信直前SP


Casts :

  • Kawasumi Ayako (Voice Actor)
  • Shimazaki Nobunaga (Voice Actor)
  • Tsuruoka Satoshi (Voice Actor)
  • Mafia Kajita (MC, Free Writer)

Schedule :

  • 20:00 ~
    • Fillers
  • 20:30 ~
    • Latest Info

  • All players will be rewarded with 12 Saintquartz when the Tweet regarding the stream hits 70,000 retweets and above. (The Saintquartz will be rewarded at a later date. For now, it is TBA, most likely after the stream ends, or a day after that.)