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Icon Name Class Traits & Attributes
Homunculus Homunculus Assassinicon
Proto Homunculus Proto Homunculus Assassinicon

Icon Name Class Traits & Attributes
AutomataIcon Automata Assassinicon Sky
KillingDollIcon Killing Doll Assassinicon Sky
OldGearIcon Old Gear Assassinicon Sky
EoRDollEnemyIcon Coloratura Assassinicon Sky
ChristineEnemyIcon Christine Berserkericon Sky

Icon Name Class Traits & Attributes
Helterskeltericon Helter Skelter Sabericon Sky
Elitehelterskelter Mechanical Golem Sabericon Sky
SmalPatriot Mechanized Infantry Archericon Sky

Icon Name Class Traits & Attributes
Spellbook Spellbook Castericon Sky
Thunderbook Thunder Book Castericon Sky
Windbook Wind Book Castericon Sky
Icebook Ice Book Castericon Sky
Firebook Fire Book Castericon Sky
Grimoirebook Grimoire Castericon Sky
Greater Grimoire Greater Grimoire Castericon Sky

Icon Name Class Traits & Attributes
Blue Tentacle Autonomous Defense Unit Archericon Sky
Red Tentacle Autonomous Defense Unit - Mark II Archericon Sky

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