Dragon Tooth Warrior

Japanese Name: 竜牙兵
Class(es): SabericonArchericonAssassinicon Attribute:  ???
Rank : Bronze Gender : ??
Traits:  ???
Area(s) : Fuyuki
Drops :  ???

Dragon Tooth Warriors are grey, Skeleton-like enemies.


Saber and Archer Dragon Tooth Warriors have single attacks, while Assassin Dragon Tooth Warriors have double attacks. They have skills that buff Attack Up (???) and Critical Damage Up, Shriek (絶叫). They can act up to two times per round.

Dragon Tooth Warriors require 3 ticks to charge their Noble Phantasm. The Noble Phantasm is different based on the class.

  • Saber:
  • Archer: Dragon Crushing Bow (竜砕弓) deals heavy damage and grants a Critical Rate Up buff.
  • Assassin:



  • Dragon Tooth Warriors are summoned by Medea in the Fate/stay night story.