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Japanese Icon Obtained by
竜の牙 Dragon fang Dragon Tooth Warrior / Wyvern / Wyvern Dread / Wyvern Evil
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Fuyuki 0's Free Quest [6] [7 AP] [Drop per run 0-1]
Vaud Couleur's Free Quest [4] [7 AP]
La Charité's Free Quest [6] [7 AP]
Jura's Free Quest [3] [7 AP]
Thiers's Free Quest [6] [7 AP]
Orleans's Free Quest [3] [8 AP]
Paris's Free Quest [3] [13 AP]
Marked Island's Free Quest [?] [13 AP]
Island of the Winged Dragons' Free Quest [?] [14 AP]
Archipelago's Free Quest [?] [15 AP]
Monster Hunt (Three Knights Edition) (Basic) [1~4] [10 AP]
Monster Hunt (Four Horsemen Edition) (Basic) [1~7] [10 AP]
Monster Hunt (Four Horsemen Edition) (Intermediate) [0~6] [20 AP]
Monster Hunt (Four Horsemen Edition) (Advanced) [0~6] [40 AP]
Bond Battle (Basic) [1~7] [10 AP]
Bond Battle (Advanced) [3~6] [30 AP]
Sabericon2126 Alterlancericon144 Altericon105 Lilyicon110 Santaaltericon90 Atalantaicon110 Beowulficon144 Elizaicon100Elizhallowicon144 Eliz Brave icon90 Drakeicon132 Gawainicon144} Kiyohimeicon24 Lanceloticon168 Lancelot Saber icon30 Mashuicon15 Medeaicon84 Mordredicon126 MordredRidericon30 Heroinexicon126 Neroicon144 Okitaicon132 Robinicon24 Marthaicon105 Siegicon105Quetzicon126

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