Demon God Phenex

Japanese Name: 魔神フェニクス
Class(es): Castericon Rulericon Attribute: Sky
Rank : Gold Gender : None
Traits: Demonic
Area(s) : Agartha
Death Rate :  ??%
Critical Chance :  ??%
Actions/Turn :  ?
Drops : Voids refuse

Demon God Phenex (also known as Pheynix, Phoenix, and Phoeniex) is the penultimate boss of the Agartha chapter in the Main Story.



Demon God Phenex can act up to 3 times per turn.

Skill Name Skill Effect
Voice of Allurement / Coming out from My Mouth Inflict "Charm" Status and "HP Drain after 1 turn" on a target. (1 turn)
Droopy Eye Inflict "Insta-Kill Resist Down" status to one target. (3 turns)
Exhausted Eye
The Time For Rebirth is Here Remove all debuffs from self and grants self debuff immunity. (1 turn)
Charges own NP Gauge by 1 tick.
Incineration Ceremony : Phenex (NP) Deals damage to all targets and inflict "Burn" status to all targets. (5 turns)