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Demon are Caster-class enemies.



Demons attack with a magical projectile for moderate damage, moving in for a 2-hit melee attack for critical hits. They also use the skill Fear (畏怖), which causes Critical Damage Down. Demons can act up to 3 times per round.

It takes 5 ticks to fill up a Demon's Noble Phantasm. Its Noble Phantasm, Demon's Seal (デモンズシール), does ~500% damage to one Servant and causes NP Seal (宝具封印) for 3 turns.


Demons have high HP and hit hard for their levels. Because they can execute 3 normal attacks in a row, be loose with defensive skills when you are mid-low on HP. When facing a Demon prior to boss floors, watch out for its Noble Phantasm, which, if your Servant survives, locks your own Noble Phantasm for 3 turns; the damage can be evaded, but the debuff is harder to deal with. This can throw off NP chains against bosses, forcing you to sandbag until the debuff falls off.

Demon SwordEdit

Demon Sword (デーモンソ ード ) is an enemy unique to Sasaki Kojirou's Interlude.


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