Deka Nobbu

Japanese Name: でかノッブ
Class(es): All classes Attribute: Man
Rank : Bronze Gender : Female
Traits: Female
Area(s) : GUDAGUDA Honnouji Event, GUDAGUDA Meiji Ishin
Death Rate :  ??%
Critical Chance :  ??%
Actions/Turn :  ?
Drops : Honnoji Hiragumo Youhen tenmoku chawan Tsukumogami nasu
NobuFactionIcon OkitaFactionIcon Item 03 nrtnt Item 04 kzskb Item 05 fafia

Deka Nobbu (lit. "huge Nobbu") is a huge version of the Koha-Ace character Demon Archer a.k.a. Nobbu.
Similar to the Chibi version, this version also has Silver and Gold variants.


Deka Nobbu acts up to 2 times per turn. Her normal attack is a rifle shot, while her critical hits are a charge attack while carrying a Hiragumo tea kettle, then returning to her position via a hole in the ground. She has the skill Cannon ready! (砲擊用意) that charges her NP gauge by 1 tick.

Dekanobu charge

Deka Nobbu charges her Noble Phantasm, Cannon Finisher (尾張砲), based on her class. It deals moderate damage to 1 target and inflicts the Buster Down debuff.