This Craft Essence can be obtained by bringing Gorgon's Bond Level to 10. It comes at max level with all limit breaks.


When equipped on Gorgon,
Increase Buster Card performance and NP Acquisition of all allies by 10% while on the field.



恐るべきゴルゴーン─── 或いはゴルゴンの怪物として猛威を振るった存在は 数多くの人間を殺戮してみせたが、 遂に、最期の刻を迎えた。 怪物の死骸を、人々と神はさまざまに利用した。 血管からは致死の毒と死者再生の霊薬が作られた。 砂漠に落ちた血は毒蛇へと変じた。 首は無二の武器となった。 毛髪は、三度かざせば軍勢を潰走させるであろうと かの大英雄ヘラクレスは告げた。 後世、征服王イスカンダルは自らの肖像に ゴルゴーンの首を象った記章を懸けさせたという。 怪物の死骸は無二の力であり、 ある種の象徴としても長きに渡って扱われ続けた。 ならば、英雄ペルセウスの一撃にて 引き裂かれた傷口よりこぼれた血から生まれた 二体の神秘とは何か。 ペガサス。 クリューサーオール。 伝説にある通り、海神からの贈り物の顕れなのか? 或いは。 死骸を貪られる事を拒まんとする 怪物の、最期の想いか。

The monster was killed by a hero.

The fearsome Gorgon--- Rather, the existence that had rampaged as the monster Gorgon had killed many humans, but finally, she has met her end.

The monster's corpse was made use of by both men and gods alike. The lethal poison from her veins was made into elixirs that could revive the dead. Her blood that was spilt in the desert turned into poisonous snakes. Her head became a peerless weapon. Her hair would chase away an army if waved thrice, was what was told to the great hero Heracles. Afterwards, the Conqueror-King Iskandar was said to have an image of the Gorgon embossed on his insignia. The monster's carcass was an unparalleled force, and would be treated as various symbols for a long time to come.

Then, what is the mystery of the two bodies that were born from the spilled blood which poured forth from the wound made by the hero Perseus's strike? Pegasus. Chrȳsāōr. As the legends say, are they a gift from Poseidon?

Or perhaps. The last wishes of the monster, rejecting the theft that had befallen her corpse.