Maximum Bond Level

Bond Points allow you to increase your bond level with servants, with a maximum bond level of 5. They are earned by completing Quests while the Servant is in your party, either as a starting member or as a sub member.

Increasing a servant's bond level unlocks new materials on their servant page, and unlocks their respective Interlude, provided they have also been Ascended at least once. Some interludes have 2 parts, the first part unlocks an Ascension Item and 1 Saint Quartz, and the second part increases the Rank of their Noble Phantasm.

Each servant has a different rate at which they gain bond levels, with the only exception being Shielder (Mashu Kyrielight), whose bond level is tied to story progression.

With the onset of Bond Level Expansion, each Bond Level gained after Bond Level 5 rewards the player with Saintquartz, with the amount dependent on that Servant's Rarity.
Rarity Reward
5★ 3 Saintquartz
4★ & 0★ 2 Saintquartz
3★ 1 Saintquartz
2★ 1 Golden fruit(lv.6 and 7) 1 Saintquartz(lv.8 and lv.9)
1★ 1 Golden fruit (lv.6, 7 and 8) 1 Saintquartz (lv.9)