Bond Points allow you to increase your bond level with Servants, starting at 0 and maxing at bond level 10. They are earned by completing quests while the Servant is anywhere in your party.

As a Servant's bond level increases, new profile sections are added to the Servant page, and Interlude quests may become available provided the Servant's ascension is also high enough.

Each Servant has a different rate at which they gain bond levels. The only exception is Shielder (Mashu Kyrielight), whose bond level is tied to story progression.

You earn rewards with each Bond Level gained after Bond Level 5, either Saint Quartz or Golden Apples based on the Servant's rarity. At Bond Level 10, you will earn that Servant's Max Bond CE.

Angra Mainyu has the same reward as a 4★ Servant.

Reward for reaching Bond Level:
5★ Saintquartz3Saintquartz3Saintquartz3Saintquartz3Bond CE
4★ Saintquartz2Saintquartz2Saintquartz2Saintquartz2Bond CE
3★ Saintquartz1Saintquartz1Saintquartz1Saintquartz1Bond CE
2★ Golden fruitGolden fruitSaintquartz1Saintquartz1Bond CE
1★ Golden fruitGolden fruitGolden fruitSaintquartz1Bond CE

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