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Duration : Oct 5, 2016 17:00 JST ~

Event Info Edit

Rarity Reward
5★ Saintquartz3
4★ Saintquartz2
3★ Saintquartz1
2★ Golden fruit1
1★ Golden fruit1
  • This is not a time-limited event, like the Servant Strengthening Quests event.
  • At Bond Level 10, you get an exclusive Craft Essence. (Each Servant has a different CE)
  • These Craft Essences are at MAX Limit Break and can only be obtained once.
  • With each Bond Level gained beyond 5, the player is rewarded with a number of Saintquartz or Golden fruit dependent on that Servant's rarity.
  • For overall list, refer here

Servants with Increased Bond Level Cap Edit


List of Max Bond Craft Essences Edit

All Max Bond Craft Essences are 4★

CE Icon Craft Essence Name
Servant Name
CE 355icon One-Man War
Cu Chulainn (Alter)
If equipped to Cu Chulainn (Alter),
Increase own NP damage by 30%, and Revive with 20% HP when defeated (1 time).
Sacred Spring icon Sacred Spring
If equipped to Medb,
Increase NP gain by +15% while on the field.
IndestructibleBlade icon Indestructible Blade
If equipped to Rama,
Increase Critical Damage of all allies by 25% while he's on the field.
Concealed Goddess icon Concealed Goddess
Helena Blavatsky
If equipped to Helena Blavatsky,
Increase Attack Damage by +20% against Assassins(Party).
LightsofCivilization icon Lights of Civilization
Thomas Edison
If equipped to Thomas Edison,
Increase NP accumulation of all allies by 15% while he's on the field.
KnightsOath icon Knight's Oath
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
If equipped to Diarmuid Ua Duibhne,
Increase Party Quick Card performance and Arts Card performance by 10% while he's on the field.
Elemental icon Elemental
Paracelsus Van Hohenheim
If equipped to Paracelsus Van Hohenheim,
Increase Arts Card performance by 10% and NP Performance by 10% while on the field.
ReachingtheSanctuaryofMySkill icon Reaching the Sanctuary of My Skill
Li Shuwen (Lancer)
If equipped to Li Shuwen (Lancer),
Increase Arts Card performance by 15% while he's on the field.
Indomitableness icon Indomitableness
If equipped to Nightingale,
Increase Buster Card performance of all allies by 10% while she's on the field and All allies get +20% health received from healing while she's on the field.
NEODifferenceEngine icon NEO Difference Engine
Charles Babbage
If equipped to Charles Babbage,
Increase Buster Card performance of all allies by 20% but reduce the defense of all allies by 10% [Demerit] while he's on the field.

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