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Japanese Icon Obtained by
血の涙石 Bloodtear Gazer / Spotter
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
E Pluribus Unum - Alexandria [1] [18 AP]

Archery Training Field - Advanced / Expert [1] [30/40AP]

Lancelot Saber icon36 Bedivereicon30 Billyicon30 Tristanicon6 Kuroicon36 Ishtar icon8 MordredRidericon36 Emiyaassassinicon6 Hassan of Serenity icon6 Cleopatra icon9 Nightingaleicon45 CuAltericon8 Ibarakiicon36 Yorimitsuicon9 MarthaRulericon18 Jeannealtericon10 Angraicon55 Gorgonicon30 HessianLoboIcon44

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