Bryn2 This is an event Craft Essence. It can only be obtained by participating in a time-limited event. This Craft Essence cannot be summoned.
Available in the event shop during Valentine 2016 Event Re-Run for 150 Castercoin if the player owns Nitocris.

This Craft Essence comes at level 80. This card provides 30,000 Craft Essence experience.

Effect Edit

Increase Castercoin drop amount by 2.

Lore Edit


あなたに 何かを伝えたいようだ


 →1・メジェドと対話する   2・メジェドと対決する   3・ニトクリスに「食べにくい」と文句を言う

Medjed looks like it wanted to say something to you.

What will you do?

 →1. Talk with Medjed.

  2. Confront Medjed.

  3. Complain to Nitocris that the chocolate is "hard to eat".