Bel Lahmu

Japanese Name: ベル・ラフム
Class(es): Sabericon Beasticon Attribute:  ??
Rank : Gold Gender : Unknown
Traits:  ???
Area(s) : Babylonia
Drops :  ???

Bel Laḫmū is a rare enemy in Babylonia. It has Both Ground-Form and Flight-Form.

Actions & Skills

  • Sardonic Laugh : Reduces Target's NP Gauge and Removes All Buffs
  • Loud Laughter : Inflict Target with Focus Attack and Gains Pierce Invincibility For 3 turns.
  • Cackling Laugh : Reduces Target's Defense For 2 turns.

Noble Phantasm :

  • Air Leap : Deals High Damage To A Single target and debuffs the target with A Very Potent Quick, Buster or Arts Performance Down. (Only one of the 3 will be applied)