Normal Effect
When equipped on Lancericon Lancer, Increases NP Damage by 15%.
Max Limit Break Effect
When equipped on Lancericon Lancer, Increases NP Damage by 25%.



竜巻を呼ぶ咆哮。 その名はクリード。 遠き海に在った偉大なる海獣。 魔槍「ゲイ・ボルク」はこの 怪物の頭蓋骨より削り出されたという。

The dignity of a sea god, a howl that summons tornadoes.

Its name is Curruid.

A great marine mammal who lies in distant seas. The legendary spear, "Gae Bolg," was carved from the skull of this monster.

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  • The Craft Essence features Curruid Coinchenn, whose bones were used to create Cu Chulainn's Gáe Bolg.