Ghost LanternEdit

JP Name Icon Description
ゴーストランタン Ghost lantern 魂を油にして燃えるランタン。
A lantern that burns by using souls as fuel.
Dropped by
Ghost / Terror Ghost / Ancient Ghost / Scarecrow
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Rome - Boiling-Hot Lands [7] [9AP]
Okeanos - The Wandering Ghost Ship [8] [15AP]
Camelot - Angel of Death Announcer [8] [19AP]
Babylonia - The Entrance to The Netherworld [7] [21AP]
Killing Training Field Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Expert [?] [10/20/30/40AP]

Yggdrasil SeedEdit

JP Name Icon Description
世界樹の種 Yggdrasil seed 世界を体現する巨木の種。
The seed of a big tree that embodies the world.
Dropped by
Werewolf / Werejaguar / Amazoness / Goblin
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Bountiful Sea's Free Quest [5] [18 AP]
Bordeaux's Free Quest [7] [7 AP]
Britannia's Free Quest [8] [10 AP]

Abolished Metropolis Babylon's Free Quest [9] [20 AP]
Ur's Free Quest [6] [21 AP]
Plateau's Free Quest [5] [20 AP]
Monster Hunt (Three Knights Edition) (Intermediate) [4] [20 AP]
Monster Hunt (Three Knights Edition) (Advanced) [3] [40 AP]

Octuplet Twin CrystalsEdit

JP Name Icon Description
八連双晶 Octuplet twin crystals ゴーレムの体内で作られる多結晶体
Polycrystals that made up the inside of golem's body.
Dropped by
Golem / Stone Golem / Iron Golem / Twin Steel Golem / Biscuit Golem / Snowman
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Gaul's Free Quest [3] [9 AP]
Union Capital's Free Quest [2] [10 AP]
Holy City Districts [3] [20]
Wednesday Daily Quests - Mad Training Field (Basic)(Intermediate)(Advanced)(Expert) [1-6] [10/20/30/40 AP]

Phoenix PlumeEdit

JP Name Icon Description
鳳凰の羽根 Phoenix plume 東洋の霊鳥の羽根
Plume of the oriental sacred bird
Dropped by
Amazoness Leader / Amazoness Queen / Shantak
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Free Quests: Okeanos (Bountiful Sea) - [3] [18 AP]
Free Quests: Agartha (Campsite) - [20 AP]
Free Quests: Agartha (Riverside Town) - [20 AP]
Free Quests: Agartha (Jungle at the Foothills) - [21 AP]
Free Quests: Agartha (Subterranean Large River) - [21 AP] (Recommended)
Free Quests: Salem (Quay) - [21 AP]
Free Quests: Salem (Town Hall) - [21 AP] (Recommended)
Free Quests: Salem (Refuge) - [21 AP]
Free Quests: Salem (Vacant House) - [21 AP]
Sunday Daily Quests (Sword Training Field) [0-2+] [30-40 AP]
Monday Daily Quests (Archery Training Field) [0-2+] [30-40 AP]
Tuesday Daily Quests (Spear Training Field) [0-2+] [30-40 AP]

Snake JewelEdit

JP Name Icon Description
蛇の宝玉 Snake jewel 蛇の瞳に睨まれているかのような宝玉
A jewel that glares as the eyes of a serpent.
Dropped by
Lamia, Naga, Sea Demon
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Caster Training - Advanced [3-6] [30 AP]

Monster Hunt (Four Horsemen Edition) - Intermediate [0-6] [20 AP]
Monster Hunt (Four Horsemen Edition) - Master [0-6] [30 AP]
Okeanos - Reef Waters [0-4] [17AP]
Camelot - Dunes of Daybreak [0-6] [19AP]

Homunculus BabyEdit

JP Name Icon Description
ホムンクルスベビー Homunculus baby 魂を書き込む前のホムンクルスの幼体
Homunculus embryo before encrypting the soul.
Dropped by
Homunculus / Proto Homunculus
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
City Of London [7 Bronze] [15AP]
South of Houston Street [1 Bronze 1 Gold] [16AP]
City of Westminster [3 Bronze 1 Gold] [16AP]
Borough of Southwark [4 Bronze 2 Gold] [19AP]

Tuesday Daily Quests (Spear Training Field) [0-2+] [10AP]
Tuesday Daily Quests (Spear Training Field) [0-2+] [20AP]

Meteoric HorseshoeEdit

JP Name Icon Description
隕蹄鉄 Meteoric horseshoe 隕鉄で作られた強靭な蹄鉄。構成原子は同じであろうと、地球上で作られたものではないため特別な役割を持つ。
A strong horseshoe made from meteorite. Constituent atoms are the same, but they are not made on the earth, so they have a special role.
Dropped by
Centaur (Okeanos)
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Free Quests: Okeanos - Caldera Island [4] [17 AP]
Vast Land Of Nothingness [8] [22]

Thursday Daily Quests (Cavalry Training Field) [0-2+] [20AP]
Thursday Daily Quests (Cavalry Training Field) [0-2+] [30AP]

Forbidden PageEdit

JP Name Icon Description
禁断の頁 Forbidden page 何人も読んではならない頁。


A page that no one should read.

Usually it is missing at the beginning or the end.

Dropped by
Spellbook / Thunder Book / Grimoire
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Shinjuku - Shinjuku 2-chome [6] [21AP]
London - Regent Park [3] [16AP]
London - Hyde Park [5] [20AP]
Camelot - Atlas Academy [3] [20AP]

Infinity GearEdit

JP Name Icon Description
無間の歯車 Infinity gear 永久機関の夢。一度回転しだすといつまでも回転し続ける歯車
Dream of a perpetual motion machine. A gear that continues to rotate forever after it has rotated once.
Dropped by
Automata / Helter Skelter / Killing Doll / Old Gear
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Old Street [7 Bronze][15AP]
Whitechapel [5 Bronze 1 Silver][15AP]
South of Houston Street [1 Bronze 1 Silver][16AP]
Regent Park [3 Bronze 1 Silver][16AP]
Black Hills [5 Bronze][17AP]
Denver [3 Bronze 2 Silver] [17AP]
Clerkenwell [2 Bronze 3 Silver 1 Gold][18AP]
Atlas Academy[6][20AP]
Killing Party [3][20AP]
Bleach Loader[5][21AP]
Rifling Hall[9][21AP]

Medal of Great KnightEdit

JP Name Icon Description
大騎士勲章 Medal of Great Knight 廉潔なる騎士の忠義と勲功を讃える勲章。
A medal honoring a sincere knight's loyalty and achievements.
Dropped by
Enforcement Knight
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Holy City Main Entrance [5] [20]
Sovereign Castle [5] [21]

Seashell of ReminiscenceEdit

JP Name Icon Description
追憶の貝殻 Seashell 悠久の時を生きた貝の殻。殻口に耳を当てると、遥か太古の清らかな潮騒が聞こえてくる。
A shell that lives for eternal time. When placing the opening at the ear, the sound of pale tides from ancient past can be heard.
Dropped by
Giant Hermit Crab / Poisonous Hermit Crab / Millennium Hermit Crab
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
FGO 2016 Summer Event

Okeanos - Hidden Island [9] [16AP]
Babylonia - Mother La Mer [8] [21AP]
Sword Training Field - Intermediate [?] [20AP]
Sword Training Field - Advanced [?] [30AP]
Sword Training Field - Expert [?] [40AP]

Kotan MagatamaEdit

JP Name Icon Description
枯淡勾玉 Kotan Magatama 淡く朧げな生気を宿した勾玉。勾玉は月の形を象ったとも、胎児の姿を象ったとも、魂の姿を象ったとも云われているがその用途は謎に包まれている。
A jewel that possess a faint and blurry scent of life. The magatama resembles the shape of the moon, the figure of the fetus and even the figure of the soul, but its function is enveloped in mystery.
Dropped by
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]