Dragon's Reverse Scale

JP Name Icon Description
竜の逆鱗 Dragons reverse scale 竜種の顎の下に逆さについた鱗
The reverse scale beneath the chin of Dragons.
Dropped by
Fafnir / Dragon / Bašmu
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Babylonia - Knot of Heaven and Earth [1] [21 AP]

Cavalry Training Field - Advanced / Expert [0-1] [30/40 AP]

Talon of Chaos

JP Name Icon Description
混沌の爪 Talon of chaos この爪で傷をつけられた者は混沌の虜となる。
Those who are injured by this talon will become a prisoner of chaos.
Dropped by
Chimera / White Chimera / Super Chimera-kun
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Septem - Black Forest [1] [15 AP]

E Pluribus Unum - Des Moines [1] [18 AP]
Babylonia - Jaguar Park [3] [21 AP]
Shinjuku - Hotel Boulevard [1] [21 AP]
Agartha - Moss-Illuminated Fields [1] [21 AP]
Anastasia - Traces of Tyur'ma [1] [21 AP]
Mad Training Field - Intermediate / Advanced / Expert [0-1] [20/30/40 AP]

Heart of a Foreign God

JP Name Icon Description
蛮神の心臓 Heart of a foreign god 荒ぶるデミゴットの心臓。偽りといえ神は神。
Heart of a desolate demigod. A fake god is a god. Its beat delivers many curses.
Dropped by
Demon / Greater Demon / Archdemon
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Shinjuku - Demon's Garden [1] [21 AP]

Salem - Crows' Nest [1] [21 AP]
Magic Training Field - Advanced / Expert [0-1] [30/40 AP]

Bloodstone Tear

JP Name Icon Description
血の涙石 Bloodtear 巨大な目玉の怪物が息絶える瞬間に流す涙の結晶体・強烈な呪いが込められている。
Crystal body of tears flowing at the moment when huge eyed monster breathes out its final breath - It bears an intense curse.
Dropped by
Gazer / Spotter
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
E Pluribus Unum - Alexandria [1] [18 AP]

Shinjuku - Rainbow Town [1] [21 AP]
Archery Training Field - Advanced / Expert [0-1] [30/40 AP]

Black Tallow

JP Name Icon Description
黒獣脂 Blacktallow 魂を食らう獣の体表から採れるドロドロとした脂。蒸留により精製を幾度も繰り返すことで、上質な魔術資源となる。
A fat that can be taken from the body surface of a beast that feeds on souls. By repeating purification and distillation many times, it becomes a premium magical resource.
Dropped by
Soul Eater / Pale Soul Eater / Ushumgal
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Lubbock Free Quest [1] [18 AP]
Babylonia - View of The Ravages of War [1] [20 AP]

Agartha - Dumping Grounds For The Criminals' Bodies [1] [21 AP]
Killing Training Field - Advanced / Expert [1] [30/40 AP]

Spirit Root

JP Name Icon Description
精霊根 Spiritroot 土の精霊の宿った根。この根を石像に植え付けると、たちまち生きているかのように動き始めると云う。
The root that hosts the spirit of the earth. When planting this root in a stone statue, they says it will start moving as if it were alive immediately.
Dropped by
Spriggan / Bronze Spriggan / King Lear
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
E Pluribus Unum - Special Administrative Region [1] [20 AP]

Camelot - Paradigmatic Capital [1] [20 AP]
Shinjuku - Bleach Loader [1] [21 AP]
Sword Training Field - Advanced / Expert [0-1] [30/40AP]

Warhorse's Immature Horn

JP Name Icon Description
戦馬の幼角 Horsehorn 二角獣の頭毛の中に、隠れるように生えている小さな角。巨大な角が折れた際には、この角がすぐさま成長して新たな角となるらしい。
A small horn that grows on the head of a Bicorn hidden among the fur. When a huge horn broke, it seems that this small horn grows quickly and becomes a new horn.
Dropped by
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
E Pluribus Unum - Kearney [1] [18 AP]

Camelot - Withering Mountain Ridge [1] [19 AP]
Agartha - Warrior's Hunting Grounds [1] [21 AP]
Anastasia - Rus' Plateau [1] [20 AP]
Anastasia - Clifftop Citadel [1] [21 AP]
Anastasia - Frontier Village [1] [21 AP]
Spear Training Field - Advanced / Expert [0-1] [30/40 AP]

Lamp of Demon Sealing

JP Name Icon Description
封魔のランプ Lamp of Demon Sealing 強大な魔力を持つ精霊が封じこめられているという妖艶なランプ。
A fascinating lamp that seals spirit possessing mighty magical power.
Dropped by
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Camelot - Scorching Heat Spires [1] [19 AP]

Camelot - Mirage of Fantasies [1] [21 AP]
Salem - Witch Dungeon [1] [21 AP]

Scarab of Wisdom

JP Name Icon Description
智慧のスカラベ Scarab of Wisdom 再生と復活の象徴たる聖なる虫の飾り物。難題を解きし真に聡しき者にのみ与えられる。
The decoration of sacred insects symbolizing regeneration and resurrection. It solves difficult problems and is given only to those who are truly savvy.
Dropped by
Sphinx / Sphinx Queen
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Camelot - Courtyard of Divine Beasts [1] [19 AP]

Camelot - Residence of Akhenaten [2] [22 AP]

Primordial Lanugo

JP Name Icon Description
原初の産毛 Primordial Lanugo 猛々しく燃え盛る炎のような獣の毛。その神々しさから、魔除けの御守として珍重される。
Hair of a beast like a violent burning flame. From its divinity it is prized as a guardian of amulets.
Dropped by
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Babylonia - Abode of The Magical Beasts [1] [20AP]

Babylonia - Magical Beast Warfare Site [1] [21AP]
Babylonia - Fomented Mountain [2] [21AP]

Cursed Beast Cholecyst

JP Name Icon Description
呪獣胆石 Cursed Beast Cholecyst 呪われた獣の体内で呪いが醸成されて出来た石。晴れることのない強烈な呪いを放ち続ける。
A stone formed by curses in the cursed beast's body. It releases a continuous, intense curse that prevents the sun from appearing.
Dropped by
Calydonian Boar
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Babylonia - Quavering Sacred Mountain [1] [21AP]

Shimosa - Ancient Battlefield [1] [21AP]

Bizarre Godly Wine

JP Name Icon Description
奇奇神酒 Bizarre God Wine 大いなる神に捧げるために永い時を費やして造られたこの貴重な酒は人ならざる怪物や魔獣をも陶酔させる。
This valuable sake made by eternal devotion to the great God, that can intoxicate not just man but also monsters and devils.
Dropped by
Hydra / Orochi / D'yavol Tron
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Agartha - The Palace Under The Lake [1] [21 AP]

Shimosa - Kifune Castle [1] [21 AP]
Anastasia - Snowy Valley Citadel [1] [21 AP]