Unlucky BoneEdit

JP Name Icon Description
凶骨 Unlucky bone 呪いを纏った禍々しい骨
Fierce bone that bears a curse.
Dropped by
Skeleton / Pumpkin Head
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Remnants of a Mansion [3] [3 AP]
Ground Zero [5] [4 AP]
The Big Bridge [7] [4 AP]
Blood-stained Harbor [8] [5 AP]
Undead-Infested Church [6] [5 AP]
Burnt and Collapsed School Building [6] [6 AP]
Large Cavity [6] [7 AP]
Island of Appearances Free Quest [6] [9 AP]
Black Forest [6] [15 AP]
Burning Forest [7] [15 AP]
Hyde Park Free Quest [4](0-2) [20 AP]

Void's RefuseEdit

JP Name Icon Description
虚影の塵 Voids refuse 虚ろな影が消える時に飛び散る塵。
Scattered dust when shadow of void is dissipating.
Dropped by
Shadow Servant (any)
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Undead-Infested Church [1] [5 AP]
Burnt and Collapsed School Building [2] [6 AP]
Large Cavity [1] [7 AP]
Capital of Art [1] [13 AP]
Ancient Harbor [2] [9 AP]
Large Riverbed [2] [17 AP]
Gold Rush [4] [20 AP]
Nightless City [1] [21AP]
Killing Party [1] [21AP]

Hero's ProofEdit

JP Name Icon Description
英雄の証 Heros proof 英雄と認められた証。多くの人々が持つが、自覚していないため忘れられる。
Proof that one was recognized as a hero. Possessed by many but may be forgotten as they are not aware.
Dropped by
French Soldier, Roman Soldier, Pirate, Celtic Soldier
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
La Charité [2] [7 AP]
Domrémy [7] [7 AP]
Marseille [9] [7 AP]
Massilia [4] [9 AP]
Gaul [5] [9 AP]
Rome [7] [9 AP]
Mediolanum [7] [9 AP]
Appian Way [8] [9 AP]
Florencia [9] [9 AP]
Riverton [5] [17 AP]
Dallas [7] [17 AP]
Lubbock [6] [18 AP]
Alexandria [6] [18AP]
Alcatraz [6] [18 AP]
Kearney [6] [18 AP]
Montgomery [6] [18 AP]
Charlotte [5] [20 AP]
Washington [6] [20 AP]

Dragon FangEdit


JP Name Icon Description
竜の牙 Dragon fang 竜種の牙。竜牙兵はこの牙を使って作られる。
The fang of Dragon species. Used to create the Dragon Tooth Warrior.
Dropped by
Dragon Tooth Warrior / Wyvern / Wyvern Dread / Wyvern Evil
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Ancient Forest [2] [7 AP]
Fort of the Beginning [4] [7 AP]
Large Cavity [6] [7 AP]
River banks of Loire [6] [7 AP]
Town of Blades [6] [7 AP]
Fort of Destiny [3] [8 AP]
Capital of Art [3] [13 AP]
Marked Island's Free Quest [?] [13 AP]
Island of the Winged Dragons' Free Quest [?] [14 AP]
Archipelago's Free Quest [?] [15 AP]
Eridu's Free Quest [1-4] [21 AP]

Chains of the FoolEdit

JP Name Icon Description
愚者の鎖 Chains of The Fool 天に召されゆく儚き魂を現世に繋ぎ留めようとして造られた鎖
A chain made to bind the transient soul to this world, which supposed to be called to heaven.
Dropped by
Mindless One, Mindless Fugitive
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Camelot - Wilderness of Death [7] [19AP]

Stinger of Certain DeathEdit

JP Name Icon Description
万死の毒針 Stinger of Certain Death この針の毒を受けたものはすぐには死ねず数多の死を繰り返し体験しその魂までも朽ち果てると云う。
Those who received poison of this needle claim that they can not die soon, as they will repeatedly experience a number of deaths, and their souls will eventually decay.
Dropped by
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Babylonia - Wayfarer's Secret Path [4] [20AP]

Babylonia - Land On The Riverside [5] [21AP]
Babylonia - Prayer For Abundancy [9] [21AP]
Babylonia - Magical Beast Warfare Site [6] [21AP]
Babylonia - Knot of Heaven and Earth [5] [21AP]

Magical Cerebrospinal FluidEdit

JP Name Icon Description
魔術髄液 Magical Cerebrospinal Fluid icon ただの人間を魔術師に仕立て上げる霊薬。脊髄に打ち込むことで僅かな刻の間疑似的な魔術回路を形成する。
A spirit that makes just a human being a magician. By driving into the spinal cord, it forms a pseudo magic circuit for a short period of time.
Dropped by
Hoodlum, Yakuza, Hornet
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Multi-Tenant Buildings District [6] [20AP]
Territory [5] [20AP]
Concrete Dungeon [9] [21AP]
Hotel Boulevard [5] [21AP]

Night-Weeping Iron StakeEdit

JP Name Icon Description
宵哭きの鉄杭 Iron Stake 死した肉体が動きださないようにと躯に穿たれた杭。


A stake pierced in the torso of dead body to make it immovable. Its gloss increases without rusting by sucking blood. Also pierced to those who sneak into this world during dark nights.
Dropped by
Ghoul Ghoul Prophet Ghoul Glutton Elder Ghoul
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]

Icon Servant 192




Icon Servant 192
Japanese Name
Attack HP
1445/8671 1960/12250
Grail ATK Grail HP
10499 14853
Attributes Alignments
Sky Chaotic ・ Neutral
Traits: NP Effect
Earth or Sky, Female, Humanoid, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish Deals strong damage to one enemy.
Turns target into a Pig for 1 turn.
(OC) Reduce Critical Chance of target for 3 turns.
Command Cards: QAAAB
NP Type :
Total: 180
Icon Servant 194


Queen of Sheba


Icon Servant 194
Japanese Name
Attack HP
1438/8629 1940/12127
Grail ATK Grail HP
10354 14704
Attributes Alignments
Man Neutral・Good
Traits: NP Effect
Servant, Humanoid, Weak to Enuma Elish, Queen Deals strong damage to one enemy.
(OC) Reduces Defense, Attack and Healing of target for 3 turns.
Command Cards: QAABB
NP Type :
Total: 132