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Map of Ascension ItemsEdit

Fuyuki France
Fuyuki Ascension Item Map
France Ascension Item Map
Rome Okeanos
Rome Ascension Item Map
Okeanos Ascension Item Map
London E Pluribus Unum
London Ascension Item Map
E Pluribus Unum Ascension Map

Unlucky Bone

Japanese Icon Obtained by
凶骨 Unlucky bone Skeleton / Pumpkin Head
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Fuyuki A Free Quest [3] [3 AP]
Fuyuki B Free Quest [5] [4 AP]
Fuyuki C Free Quest [7] [4 AP]
Fuyuki D Free Quest [8] [5 AP]
Fuyuki E Free Quest [6] [5 AP]
Fuyuki F Free Quest [6] [6 AP]
Fuyuki Point 0 Free Quest [6] [7 AP]
Vaud Couleur Free Quest [2] [7 AP]
Orléans Free Quest [2] [8 AP]
Island of Appearances Free Quest [6] [9 AP]
Paris Free Quest [3] [13 AP]
Germania Free Quest [6] [15 AP]
Fuyuki G Free Quest [7](0-3) [15 AP]
Hyde Park Free Quest [4](0-2) [20 AP]
Attilaicon216 Gillesicon30 Ramaicon180 Odaicon108 Billyicon110 Mashibouicon80 Leonidasicon126 Romulusicon30 Scathachicon154 Fionnicon132 Edwardicon80 Boudicaicon110 Drakeicon154 Anneicon36 Mozarticon53 Elizhallowicon108 Tamamocastericon161 Paracelsusicon168 Sasakiicon72 Hassanicon80 Jingkeicon105 Sansonicon80 Phantomicon126 Jackicon154 Jekyllicon105 Ryougiassassinicon108 Emiyaassassinicon132 ShutenIcon154 Kotarouicon105 Hassan of Serenity icon105 Kinghassanicon154 Lubuicon110 Spartacusicon84 Vladicon216 Dariusicon30 Kiyohimeicon110 Ericicon80 Frankicon132 Beowulficon30 Yorimitsuicon161 Angraicon46 Gorgonicon32 HessianLoboIcon32

Void's Refuse

Japanese Icon Obtained by
虚影の塵 Voids refuse Shadow Servant (any)
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Fuyuki E's Free Quest [1] [5 AP]
Fuyuki F's Free Quest [2] [6 AP]
Fuyuki 0's Free Quest [1] [7 AP]
Jura's Free Quest [1] [7 AP]
Lyon's Free Quest [1] [7 AP]
Thiers's Free Quest [1] [7 AP]
Orlans's Free Quest [1] [8 AP]
Appian Way's Free Quest [1] [9 AP]
Massilia's Free Quest [2] [9 AP]
Gaul's Free Quest [1] [9 AP]
Island of Shadows's Free Quest [1] [9 AP]
Union Capital's Free Quest [1] [10 AP]
Paris's Free Quest [1] [13 AP]
Nightless City [1] [21AP]
Killing Party [1] [21AP]
Mashuicon15 Gillesicon73 Bedivereicon73 Altericon120 Attilaicon135 Lancelot Saber icon120 Musashi icon144 Okitaicon105 Ryougisabericon105 Mashibouicon156 Diarmuidicon112 Cuprotoicon70 Leonidasicon55 Romulusicon112 Fionnicon20 Shuwenicon120 Scathachicon110 Arash56 Billyicon96 Robinicon112 Kogilicon96 Euryale20 Atalantaicon120 Emiyaicon140 Teslaicon105 Orionicon144 Gilicon144 ShinjukuArcherIcon144 Boudicaicon112 Medusaicon73 Anneicon120 Shakespeareicon72 Hansicon72 Medeaicon73 Babbageicon112 Mephisicon70 Paracelsusicon96 Gilles2icon96 Medealilyicon84 Wavericon105 Phantomicon55 Sasakiicon40 Hassanicon15 Sansonicon55 Kotarouicon73 Hassan of Serenity icon54 Jingkeicon112 Jekyllicon73 Sthenoicon24 Emiyaassassinicon24 Jackicon110 Heroinexicon144 Kinghassanicon24 ShinjukuAssassinIcon84 Asteriosicon48 Ericicon84 Lubuicon112 Lanceloticon24 Ibarakiicon120 Sakataicon144 Vladicon168 Angraicon40 Gorgonicon8 HessianLoboIcon32

Hero's Proof

Japanese Icon Obtained by
英雄の証 Heros proof French Soldier, Roman Soldier, Pirate, Celtic Soldier
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Riverton [5] [17 AP]

Lubbock [6] [18 AP]
Dallas [7] [17 AP] [Highest drop 2]
Alexandria [6] [18AP]
Alcatraz [6] [18 AP]
Kearney [6] [18 AP]
Montgomery [6] [18 AP]
Charlotte [5] [20 AP]
Washington [6] [20 AP]

Angraicon40 Alexandericon168 Arash55 Arjunaicon154 Sabericon2161 Lilyicon126 Asteriosicon55 Bedivereicon105 Beowulficon126 Brynicon44 Cuicon144 Cuprotoicon144 Davidicon144 Diarmuidicon144 Emiyaicon126 Emiyaassassinicon126 Fergusicon105 Caesaricon105 Gawainicon30 Gilcastericon126Gilicon126 Gillesicon105 Hectoricon110 Heraclesicon180 Iskandaricon152 Karnaicon216 Deon126 Mashuicon15 Musashi icon154 Heroinexicon36 Georgeicon80 Sakataicon154 Sasakiicon53 Siegicon36 Spartacusicon55 Ushiwaicon105 Kogilicon24 Vlad (Extra) icon108 Eliz Brave icon108 Edisonicon132

Dragon Fang

Japanese Icon Obtained by
竜の牙 Dragon fang Dragon Tooth Warrior / Wyvern / Wyvern Dread / Wyvern Evil
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Fuyuki 0's Free Quest [6] [7 AP]
Vaud Couleur's Free Quest [4] [7 AP]
La Charité's Free Quest [6] [7 AP]
Jura's Free Quest [3] [7 AP]
Thiers's Free Quest [6] [7 AP]
Orleans's Free Quest [3] [8 AP]
Paris's Free Quest [3] [13 AP]
Marked Island's Free Quest [?] [13 AP]
Island of the Winged Dragons' Free Quest [?] [14 AP]
Archipelago's Free Quest [?] [15 AP]
Monster Hunt (Three Knights Edition) (Basic) [1~4] [10 AP]
Monster Hunt (Four Horsemen Edition) (Basic) [1~7] [10 AP]
Monster Hunt (Four Horsemen Edition) (Intermediate) [0~6] [20 AP]
Monster Hunt (Four Horsemen Edition) (Advanced) [0~6] [40 AP]
Bond Battle (Basic) [1~7] [10 AP]
Bond Battle (Advanced) [3~6] [30 AP]
Mashuicon15 Sabericon2126 Altericon105 Lilyicon110 Neroicon144 Siegicon105 Okitaicon132 Mordredicon126 Lancelot Saber icon30 Gawainicon144 Eliz Brave icon90 Robinicon24 Atalantaicon110 Elizaicon100 Alterlancericon144 Shuwenicon105 Arturia lancer icon126 KiyohimeLancericon144 Marthaicon105 Drakeicon132 Santaaltericon90 MordredRidericon30 Quetzicon126 Medeaicon84 Elizhallowicon144 Heroinexicon126 Lanceloticon168 Kiyohimeicon24 Beowulficon144 MHX(Alter)icon126

Chains of the Fool

Japanese Icon Obtained by
愚者の鎖 Chains of The Fool Mindless One, Mindless Fugitive
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Camelot - Wilderness of Death [7] [19AP]
Bedivereicon144 Tristanicon180 Anne&MaryArchericon180Vlad (Extra) icon132 Enkiduicon154 Ozymandiasicon154 EmiyaAlterIcon126 Quetzicon216 Nitocrisicon132 Hassan of Serenity icon110 Kinghassanicon161 Gorgonicon32

Stinger of Certain Death

Japanese Icon Obtained by
万死の毒針 Stinger of Certain Death Mushussu
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Babylonia - Wayfarer's Secret Path [4] [20AP]

Babylonia - Land On The Riverside [5] [21AP]
Babylonia - Prayer For Abundancy [9] [21AP]
Babylonia - Magical Beast Warfare Site [6] [21AP]
Babylonia - Knot of Heaven and Earth [5] [21AP]

ShinjukuArcherIcon132 Medusalancericon24 Gilcastericon144 Kinghassanicon177 Gorgonicon38

Magical Cerebrospinal Fluid

Japanese Icon Obtained by
魔術髄液 Magical Cerebrospinal Fluid icon Hoodlum, Yakuza, Hornet
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Multi-Tenant Buildings District [6] [20AP]
Territory [5] [20AP]
Concrete Dungeon [9] [21AP]
Hotel Boulevard [5] [21AP]
EmiyaAlterIcon30 ShinjukuArcherIcon216 ShinjukuAssassinIcon180 HessianLoboIcon8

Ghost Lantern

Japanese Icon Obtained by
ゴーストランタン Ghost lantern Ghost / Terror Ghost / Ancient Ghost / Scarecrow
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Rome - Boiling-Hot Lands [7] [9AP]
Okeanos - The Wandering Ghost Ship [8] [15AP]
Camelot - Angel of Death Announcer [8] [19AP]
Babylonia - The Entrance to The Netherworld [7] [21AP]
Killing Training Field Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Expert [?] [10/20/30/40AP]
Gillesicon49 Neroicon12 Brideicon55 Ryougisabericon72 Tristanicon60 Teslaicon82 Brynicon12 Edwardicon51 Ushiwaicon11 Anneicon44 Drakeicon72 Shakespeareicon28 Medeaicon48 Gilles2icon36 Mephisicon56 Babbageicon48 Elizhallowicon36 Medealilyicon44 Rhymeicon44 Helenaicon44 Gilcastericon60 Tamamocastericon53 Matahariicon6 Hassanicon36 Phantomicon28 Jingkeicon11 ShutenIcon15 Kinghassanicon72 ShinjukuAssassinIcon44 Caligulaicon8 Kiyohimeicon36 Tamamoicon42 Frankicon12 Angraicon12 HessianLoboIcon38

Yggdrasil Seed

Japanese Icon Obtained by
世界樹の種 Yggdrasil seed Werewolf / Werejaguar / Amazoness / Goblin
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Jura's Free Quest [4] [7 AP]
Bordeaux's Free Quest [7] [7 AP]
Britannia's Free Quest [8] [10 AP]
Monster Hunt (Three Knights Edition) (Intermediate) [4] [20 AP]
Monster Hunt (Three Knights Edition) (Advanced) [3] [40 AP]
Mashuicon15 Lilyicon15 Siegicon55 Deon55 Fergusicon60 Brideicon15 Ramaicon53 Robinicon42 Atalantaicon84 Arash21 Arjunaicon90 Kogilicon42 Cuicon44 Mashibouicon33 Cuprotoicon44 Hectoricon12 Diarmuidicon42 Brynicon66 TamamoLancericon66 Jalter Lily Icon45 Medusalancericon55 Jaguarmanicon42 Marthaicon55 Iskandaricon90 Kintokiridericon45 Cucastericon42 Tamamocastericon90 Rhymeicon53 Irisvielicon45 Xuanzangicon63 Illyaprismaicon63 Kotarouicon60 ScathachAssassinicon45 Spartacusicon33 Sakataicon18 Asteriosicon35 Kiyohimeicon60 Beowulficon72

Octuplet Twin Crystals

Japanese Icon Obtained by
八連双晶 Octuplet twin crystals Golem / Stone Golem / Iron Golem / Platinum Golem / Cookie Golem / Snowman
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Gaul's Free Quest [3] [9 AP]
Union Capital's Free Quest [2] [10 AP]
Holy City Districts [3] [20]
Wednesday Daily Quests - Mad Training Field (Basic)(Intermediate)(Advanced)(Expert) [1-6] [10/20/30/40 AP]
Mashuicon15 Neroicon42 Fergusicon38 Mordredicon55 Brideicon53 Ryougisabericon72 Ramaicon12 Gawainicon38 Musashi icon55 Arash6 Davidicon54 Odaicon36 Anne&MaryArchericon44 Ishtar icon53 Cuicon11 Cuprotoicon56 Leonidasicon8 Romulusicon36 Hectoricon48 Karnaicon53 Fionnicon60 Shuwenicon44 KiyohimeLancericon42 Vlad (Extra) icon60 Enkiduicon55 Edwardicon50 Ushiwaicon56 Alexandericon38 Iskandaricon15 Kintokiridericon36 Babbageicon38 Xuanzangicon55 Sasakiicon28 Jingkeicon40 Jekyllicon11 Heroinexicon72 Hassanhundredicon38 Kotarouicon11 ShinjukuAssassinIcon12 Heraclesicon42 Spartacusicon27 Sakataicon55 Asteriosicon21 Caligulaicon28 Dariusicon36 Tamamoicon60 Frankicon60 Beowulficon44 Yorimitsuicon72 Ibarakiicon42 Edmondicon10 Jeannealtericon10

Phoenix Plume

Japanese Icon Obtained by
鳳凰の羽根 Phoenix plume Amazoness Leader / Amazoness Queen
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Free Quests: Okeanos (Bountiful Sea) - [3] [18 AP]
Sunday Daily Quests (Sword Training Field) [0-2+] [30-40 AP]
Monday Daily Quests (Archery Training Field) [0-2+] [30-40 AP]
Tuesday Daily Quests (Spear Training Field) [0-2+] [30-40 AP]