This Craft Essence is available during the 9M Downloads Campaign.


Normal Effect
Increases defense debuff resistance by 25%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases defense debuff resistance by 30%.



凶悪な真っ赤なシチューも飲み干す、 恐るべき冒険野郎である。 別に強力な濾過器やタンクを持っているのではなく、 単に安全装置が取り付けられていないだけらしい。

ちなみに提供者たちは、名称と見た目に関して 特定人物を参考にしているわけではない、と 主張している。

Free software for dish processing manifested in the reptile world of the moon.

He also drinks a brutish red stew, a terrible adventurer. Apart from having a strong filter and tank separately, it seems that there is no safety device just installed.

By the way, the providers claim that they are not referring to a specific person in terms of name and appearance.

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  • This Craft Essence features the doll of Matou Shinji from Fate/Extra CCC.