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Effect Edit

Normal Effect
Increases performance of unit's Arts cards by 10%
Increases unit's critical attack damage by 20%
4th Limit Break Effect
Increases performance of unit's Arts cards by 15%
Increases unit's critical attack damage by 25%

Lore Edit

Yet another possibility that exists within the Holy Grail of the moon.

You chose to continue walking this path, even while knowing the conclusion that lay at its end. Believe in the future that awaits beyond your wish. Believe it will someday be realised.

Believe also in premium roll cake.


歩みの果てにある結末を知りながら、それでもあなたは進み続けた。 願いの先に待つ未来と、その結実を信じて。


Cards with Similar Effects Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The card art features the protagonist (Female) from the Fate/Extra series, referencing the CCC route.

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