Amazoness Leader

Japanese Name: アマゾネスリーダー
Class(es): SabericonArchericonLancericon Attribute: Man
Rank : Silver Gender : Female
Traits:  ???
Area(s) : Okeanos, Chaldea Gate
Drops :  ???

Amazoness is a stronger Amazon enemy found in Okeanos and Chaldea Gate.


Amazoness Leaders can act up to two times per turn. They have the skill Command (指揮), which heals all allies for 500 HP.

An Amazoness Leader has different NP gauges and effects based on class.

  • Saber: 4 ticks, Mystical Sword (神秘剣), deals multi-hit damage and grants one Attack Up buff for 3 turns.
  • Lancer: 4 ticks, Mystical Spear (神秘槍)
  • Archer: 3 ticks


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