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Alignments are in-game groupings or categories that shows part of a Servant's Personality. Before the Kara no Kyoukai Collaboration Event, Alignments were considered as part of the flavour text in the game, for every servant's Biography. After the Kara no Kyoukai Collaboration Event, Mission System existed in various events which some of those missions consists of goals that requires the player to defeat a certain Servant with a certain Alignment.

There are Two Parts for Alignment.

  • Lawful - Neutral - Chaotic
  • Good - Neutral - Evil

The exceptional cases are the "Mad" Alignment which is only for Berserkers who lost all their sanity. (eg : Heracles and Lancelot), the "Bride" Alignment for Nero Claudius (Bride) and also the "Summer" Alignment for Tamamo no Mae (Lancer).
There are 9 main types of Alignment :

Lawful ・ Good
秩序 ・ 善
Lawful ・ Neutral
秩序 ・ 中庸
Lawful ・ Evil
秩序 ・ 悪
Neutral ・ Good
中立 ・ 善
True Neutral
中立 ・ 中庸
Neutral ・ Evil
中立 ・ 悪
Chaotic ・ Good
混沌 ・ 善
Chaotic ・ Neutral
混沌 ・ 中庸
Chaotic ・ Evil
混沌 ・ 悪
Alignment Servants
Lawful ・ Good MashuIconSR Sabericon2 Lilyicon Gillesicon Ramaicon Gawainicon Bedivereicon ArthurIcon ArtoriaArchericon Tristanicon Ishtar icon Alterlancericon Karnaicon Arturia lancer icon Vlad (Extra) icon Georgeicon Marieicon Marthaicon Santaaltericon Kintokiridericon Quetzicon Medealilyicon Solomonicon Xuanzangicon Nitocrisicon MarieCastericon Gilcastericon Merlinicon Romanicon Jekyllicon Sakataicon Nightingaleicon Jeanneicon Amakusaicon MarthaRulericon
Lawful ・ Neutral Fergusicon Lancelot Saber icon Davidicon Odaicon Arjunaicon Cuicon Cuprotoicon Leonidasicon Hectoricon Diarmuidicon Hansicon Cucastericon Edisonicon Cleopatra icon Dariusicon
Lawful ・ Evil Altericon Hassanicon Sansonicon Hassanhundredicon Hassan of Serenity icon Kinghassanicon HijikataIcon
Neutral ・ Good Robinicon Toudaicon Scathachicon Brynicon Medusalancericon Boudicaicon Alexandericon Iskandaricon Mozarticon Wavericon Geronimoicon Illyaprismaicon ScathachAssassinicon
True Neutral Caesaricon Deon Okitaicon Ryougisabericon Emiyaicon Arash Fionnicon Enkiduicon Shakespeareicon Spartacusicon
Neutral ・ Evil Atalantaicon Shuwenicon Medeaicon Tamamocastericon Sasakiicon MHX(Alter)icon
Chaotic ・ Good Neroicon Siegicon Attilaicon Eliz Brave icon Musashi icon Gilicon Teslaicon Kogilicon Euryale Kuroicon Mashibouicon Jalter Lily Icon Medusaicon Astolfoicon MordredRidericon Paracelsusicon Helenaicon Irisvielicon Davinciicon Sthenoicon Jingkeicon Heroinexicon Ryougiassassinicon Tamamoicon Beowulficon Yorimitsuicon
Chaotic ・ Neutral Mordredicon Orionicon Billyicon Anne&MaryArchericon Romulusicon Jaguarmanicon Ushiwaicon Anneicon Ozymandiasicon Babbageicon Matahariicon Ericicon Frankicon
Chaotic ・ Evil ShinjukuArcherIcon EmiyaAlterIcon Elizaicon KiyohimeLancericon Edwardicon Drakeicon Anneicon Medbicon Gilles2icon Mephisicon Elizhallowicon Phantomicon Carmillaicon Jackicon Emiyaassassinicon ShutenIcon Kotarouicon ShinjukuAssassinIcon Lubuicon Vladicon Asteriosicon Caligulaicon Kiyohimeicon Hydeicon CuAltericon Ibarakiicon Edmondicon Jeannealtericon Angraicon Gorgonicon HessianLoboIcon Tiamaticon Goetiaicon
Lawful ・ Mad Lanceloticon
Chaotic ・ Mad Heraclesicon
Chaotic ・ Bride Brideicon
Neutral ・ Summer TamamoLancericon
No Definite Alignment Rhymeicon

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