Alignments are in-game groupings or categories that shows part of a Servant's Personality. Before the Kara no Kyoukai Collaboration Event, Alignments were considered as part of the flavour text in the game, for every servant's Biography. After the Kara no Kyoukai Collaboration Event, Mission System existed in various events which some of those missions consists of goals that requires the player to defeat a certain Servant with a certain Alignment.

The NA version translated translated "Neutral" as "Balanced", so to avoid any possible confusion Neutral and Balanced are the same thing.

There are Two Parts for Alignment.

  • Lawful - Neutral - Chaotic
  • Good - Neutral - Evil

The exceptional cases are the "Insane" Alignment which is only for Berserkers who lost all their sanity. (e.g. : Heracles and Lancelot), the "Bride" Alignment for Nero Claudius (Bride) and also the "Summer" Alignment for Tamamo no Mae (Lancer).
There are 9 main types of Alignment :

Lawful ・ Good
秩序 ・ 善
Lawful ・ Neutral
秩序 ・ 中庸
Lawful ・ Evil
秩序 ・ 悪
Neutral ・ Good
中立 ・ 善
True Neutral
中立 ・ 中庸
Neutral ・ Evil
中立 ・ 悪
Chaotic ・ Good
混沌 ・ 善
Chaotic ・ Neutral
混沌 ・ 中庸
Chaotic ・ Evil
混沌 ・ 悪

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