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This Craft Essence can be obtained by bringing Yan Qing's Bond Level to 10. It comes at max level with all limit breaks.


Normal Effect
When equipped on Yan Qing,
Increase Party's Quick Card performance by 10% and Critical Damage by 15%

Lore Edit

The wicked that longs to ascend to the heavens and become a star.

The Shining 36 Heavenly Spirits, and The Gleaming 72 Earthly Fiends, totals Up to 108.
The Heroes who carry the burden of saving Mainland China and become the stars of fate.

There are virtuous people and wicked people.
Some of them has a chivalrous spirit, while some of them harbours a malicious motive.
Even so, we grief for this country, and we are the ones who can calm the people's hearts.

Here we are, the 108 Stars of Destiny.
For the sake of saving Mainland China from this turmoil, we are borrowing the body of humans to charge through the enemies!
No matter what kind of conclusion awaits us at the end!





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