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IDK man, I don't understand this. Can someone explain it? Thanks.
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Natsu as a berserker servant!
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The tree wasn’t bad this time around but god screw Surtr and Scathach’s battle

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New kind of chalenge quests

What if a new kind of chalenge quests came that would only allow you to bring non gold servants(1,2or3 star rarity)?
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Loli land support preparation

Ah, I don’t like this... feels like a degenerate.

Should I invest more on Jack ChaCha and Liliskandar?

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100 Friend Points!

Add me for both of our sakes, I need friend points, you need friend points so add me and use my gil and get 100 fp every time you use my gil. Its of course a win-win deal!
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Least favorite class in fate

My least favorite class is rider because there is barely any servants that I like the only exceptions being achilles and ushiwakamaru.
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PC internet to Android Phone??

is there a way to use my PC's internet to my phone by using a USB cable?

i sometime go to a NETCAFE to play but since they don't hav WIFI i was hoping to play FGO using the PC's connection.... is this possible?

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Question How long will OniLand be

I am on Solomon right now so if I work hard I think I can finish lostbelt 1 and 2 in 4days (I won't be reading the story) so if the event last for 15 days I can at least get np 1 shuten
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Since nobody posted, i'll do it

This Lalter's CE looks good😏😏😏
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So uh welfare Shuten is apparently a Caster and not a Foreigner or whatnot...

As if we had more than enough Casters in the Servant roster lmao

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【FGO】シトナイ 宝具 Noble Phantasm New Animation
【FGO】シトナイ 宝具 Noble Phantasm New Animation YouTube
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Where can i read fate manga

Already try at mangazone but they didnt update it anymore
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New trend? Maybe i dunno

Okay this may sound dumb or not but lets all take a charactor from an anime you have seen and create them as a servant because im bored waiting for the holloween event

Rarity:3☆ Class: Assassin
Name: Hidan, Origin: Naruto shippuden Alignment: Chaotic-Evil, Gender: Male
Parameters: STR: B, AGL: C, Luck: D, END: EX, MP: D+, NP: C+
Skills: Living dead EX: Able to survive and regenerate nearly every injury, unless spirit core is destroyed or regenerating is impossible.
Sadistic streak A+: Gains more strength the more the battle lasts, also makes the servant that has this more reckless while its active.
Noble Phantasm E~B+: Jashins Curse, By consuming a small portion of his targets blood his skin darkens and a skeletal designs appear on him. He also creates a circle and a triangle in it. By completing this he forms a life link between them. While in this state if he damages himself or if he gets hit by anything the damage is done to the target as well as himself.
To be freed of it he needs to be pushed away from the circle or he cancles it.
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I found this. [SPOILERS for FSN]

Pretty interesting, I think is worth watching.


A Hollow Review: Fate/Stay Night (Part 1) - Fate | Review/Analysis
A Hollow Review: Fate/Stay Night (Part 1) - Fate | Review/Analysis YouTube
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Hate the Gacha... Put the Rest of my Non-Paid SQ in and...

Got the 5th copy to MLB this and got Marie to NP2... Really starting to hate the game.
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yeet skeet

Dabberoni pizza
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